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Political Parties and Their Party Names

The world has had its own share of political parties, all of whom, in one way or another, desired to get the approval and votes of the general public. Of course, the desire to be voted is founded on the intention to represent the voting public in specific concerns and policies that would benefit this voting public. And this accumulating of votes is not easy. It’s not like you can just form a political party the way you build a website and buy votes the way you buy cheap targeted web traffic to ensure more supporters. Political parties take much more machinery than just that, not to mention more guts and a larger sense of national vision.

This is exactly why the political parties give much importance to their party names, mainly because their party names is supposed to capture what the party represents, what it stands for. However, there also are parties which choose to take the road less travelled and take on a less conventional name, which still narrowly meets the standard of representation. Here are a few of those funny party names. The party names were even featured on the internet and tv news because it is unusual to the media.

The Rhinoceros Party (Canada)

Party organizers named themselves after the rhino in the 1960s, because like politicians, rhinos are "thick-skinned, slow-moving and not too bright, but can move fast as hell when in danger." The namesake was also inspired by Cacareco, a Brazilian rhinoceros that rode a landslide victory to a seat in Sao Paulo's city council in 1958.

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The Dungeons, Death and Taxes Party (Great Britain)

The party's name  is as draconian as it sounds. Its manifesto involves a pledge to invade and annex France, spike tax rates up to 90 percent, and reintroduce hanging, but "only for minor offences, such as writing graffiti and dropping litter." Should the Dungeons, Death and Taxes Party seize power, major offenses like murder and "those guilty of improper use of mobile text abbreviations" will get punished by disembowelment.

Canadian Extreme Wrestling Party (Canada)

When the Party intends to ‘decide’ on a leader, the Canadian Extreme Wrestling Party settles it in the only way it knows how: by crowning the winner of a wrestling battle royale. Founded in 1999, the party was decidedly left-wing and touched on sane ideas like the environment, gun control, national security, and foreign affairs.

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