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Evaluating Political Parties

The world now knows a myriad of political parties all going by different names. Of course, like many things in the world, the reality of these parties are constituted by two sides of the story, two faces of the same coin. This means then, that still, despite all the good they cause, despite ensuring diversity and all its other benefits, there are also some downsides to political parties. These disadvantages are also real and strong in themselves. They are not the kind that you can just shrug off and not care about. Thus, if you’re planning to form your own political party, these disadvantages are also what you might want to seriously consider.

Disadvantages of Political Parties

First of all, they have the silent power to hurt politicians individually. Politicians belong to a certain party often have no choice but to abide by its principles and ideologies. As a result, they don’t have the chance to express their opinions, particularly if these differ from what their party believes. If they do, they may find themselves getting kicked out from the group.

Second, they can be a cause of separating the country into factions. Ideally, political parties present their ideas and principles in a firm but courteous way. In real life, however, they can turn to giving anger-filled speeches and painting other parties in negative light, which can fuel hate and animosity between their supporters.

Third, they also hold the potential for corruption and bad governance. Some political parties resort to buying people’s votes, while others make empty promises to the citizens just to get into office. Still others prioritize the interest of those who gave large amounts of money to their campaigns instead of doing things for the good of the people.


In the end, the decision of whether or not to form your own political party does lie in your hands. It is important to first have a clear idea of both its advantages and disadvantages, and then to make your decision in light of these considerations. One of these days you might muster up enough courage to form one. Don’t forget to build a website for its promotion and for building more awareness not just in your country’s citizens but also in your numerous website visitors.